South Sudan To Craft Deal On Service Delivery With Donors

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Director for Aid Coordination in the National Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment and Economic Planning, Mr Moses Mabior Dau said that the Government is carrying out workshops in the states to collect necessary information of how the new deal compact should look like.

“We are preparing a compact that will be agreed and signed by South Sudan and donors of how the aids will be delivered because we want to move away from the current system being used in South Sudan,” said Mabior while conducting the first workshop of the kind in Upper Nile State.

Mabior said that the consultation is a whole stakeholder business that brings in government officials, civil societies, parliament, the donors and others.

He said they are doing this because the new deal compact should be owned by all.

“South Sudan has been assisted by partners with projects and programs being implemented by NGOs. The NGOs get the donation directly from the donors and implement the projects. Now we want to change it and we are moving away from NGOs modality of delivering aid,” Mabior said.

He said the interest of South Sudan this time is that government should be at the driver’s seat to implement the projects and programs being aided by the development partners.

“We are going to strengthen our system in such a way that we are able to implement our programs. However, if the systems are still weak it will be government now to contract NGOs. Now they are contracted by donors,” Mabior explained.

Mabior said the move will let South Sudan know how to manage the projects and programs implementation instead of depending on other people.

The New Deal Compact workshop brought about 50 participants some of whom were state ministers, parliamentarians, directors and members of civil societies.

The Director urged the South Sudanese to be responsible warning that there will be time donors and NGOs will stop supporting the country, adding that “South Sudan should learn to stand on its own.”

Mabior said that they will be moving from state to state for consultation until when the compact deal is filed into a document that shall come to function in November.

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