What Dhoom 3 taught us

What Dhoom 3 taught

Dhoom 3 released this week and there are some understated gems from the film that we thought of sharing with you!

(Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the film yet)

1. Just because they are Indians, two cops are called all the way to Chicago in order to catch a thief who is looting the biggest bank in the city. That, when they have not managed to catch one in either Dhoom or Dhoom 2

2. Don't under-estimate the sexiness quotient of a baggy pant wearing fully covered bespectacled girl. Given a chance, she could well give you a strip dance of the lifetime where you won't blink for full five minutes

3. Despite his face fully visible, a thief's identity won't be caught by the high security cameras on the Chicago streets. Instead, he would return to perform in front of 'LIVE' audiences without being identified

4. As long as there are adrenalin pumping 'chori ke baad ki sequence', it is irrelevant to show how the 'chori' actually took place. That too for each of the three 'bank ki chori' sequences

5. One patriotic speech from a rookie 'kamsutra' thinking cop is good enough to make a failed senior cop turn around, tear off his train ticket and build an unofficial plan to apprehend the thief

6. In true Fast and Furious style, the rookie would rattle down complete engine, its make and other technical details of a bike, after hearing just a faint sound of the machinery

7. An under-heavy-debt father would be selfish enough to kill himself right in front of his doting children rather than declare bankruptcy and start life afresh

8. Everything is possible if you manage it with micro-second perfection, whether it is riding a bike under the wheels of a truck, fighting under the airborne wheels of an auto-rickshaw, zooming the bike on a rope over a running train or un-cuffing yourself moments before a roller coaster ride threatens to smash you down

9. An artist/stunt-man would know the biggest tricks in the world and perform dare devilry stunts. However, he won't know how to tie shoe laces

10. In the real world (not talking about a fantasy world of Batman), there actually exists a bike that turns into a jet ski, submarine or even a car. Last heard, Rohit Shetty lost further hair while crying 'howzzat'!

11. If Dhoom 3 wanted to showcase the tyranny of evil banks, where is YRF going to save the mighty earnings?

12. So Katrina gets a whopping Rs. 5 crore for speaking 14 dialogues in Dhoom 3. That makes it Rs. 0.357 crore for one dialogue.

13. Abhishek failed yet again and has not been able to catch even one of the thieves in the 3 Dhoom films that he did.

14. Abhishek Bachchan as ACP has a perpetually pissed off expression, which is understandable as his character hasn't been promoted since 2004!

15. Dhoom 4 is a certainty now that Aamir did not kill Abhishek in Dhoom 3. Besides if Aamir did kill him, who would play the ACP?

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