What Gulaab Gang taught us

What Gulaab Gang taught us

Gulaab Gang released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– Upar wali deti hai toh chappar faad ke deti hai; par jab neeche wali leti hai toh patloon faad ke leti hai

– Make time as your best friend as all other living friends and enemies are just momentary.

– You may have a mighty tense sequence of events surrounding you but since you are Madhuri Dixit, a dance or two could be conveniently brought in

– When a man has to be reprimanded for insulting a woman, his punishment would be to crawl through her spread out legs. Errr…really?

– You may maim a rapist but his influential father and would-be mother-in-law, a powerful politician, would do nothing, absolutely nothing, to get you arrested. Oh yeah, because you are a Gulaab Gang member

– Further to that, you can kill people at will (even though they may be goons), and still law and administration won't catch up with you

– In fact your gang could get so powerful that even men folk would come to seek your help in resolving their petty business matters

– For the leader of Gulaab Gang, the ultimate signal of distress is to ask for a glass of water 'kyunki uska gala sookh gaya hai'

– The leader of a political party could suspend a cop for not touching her feet. However when a party worker mouths crude jokes around hands going further up the feet, she won't even blink an eyelid

– You may be under threat of life. Still, your gang would let the gates of the facility be open, followed by jumping and dancing to 'Holi' songs. Oh yes, two of your commanders were murdered just moments back.

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