This lover-boy image is going to be erased soon – Sidharth Malhotra Part 2

This lover-boy image is going to be erased soon - Sidharth Malhotra Part 2

That Sidharth Malhotra has become one of Bollywood's most compelling leading men could be considered something of a surprise. Sure, he was highly watchable in 2012's Student of the Year, but many had written him off as a walking six-pack gifted with the power of speech. Cut to 2014 and Hasee Toh Phasee came in as a game changer, and with Mohit Suri's The Villain being shot, this leading man is surely predicting the summer heat that's yet to scorch us. Ladies, beware!

Presenting you Part 2 of Sidharth Malhotra' stete-a-tete on love triangles, solo hero days, his gut for movies, his passion to play a real life person and why he is subconsciously consumed by movies.

You love 'love triangles', don't you? In your first movie, you had to fight for Alia. In your second you were juggling between Parineeti & Adah. I hope The Villain completes the hat trick.
It's spooky but in all my three movies, and The Villain my third release, has three pivotal characters. I don't know how the other two always surroundme. As long as it works. I just thought about it that three is a lucky number for me. I am three films old now. Wow! What an irony!

There's this hierarchy business in Bollywood. I mean, would you work as the main villain in Krrish 4? Gone are the solo hero days.
I would love to play the villain. But it depends on the filmmakers too. In India, filmmakers put the hierarchy and not us actors. In the West, there are filmmakers whoare all about the content first. You can come in for ten minutes and you'll not get the eleventh minute. It can go haywire. Our films get changed on sets out here. Hierarchy will change one day in this fraternity.

So what does your gut tell you – Why you want to do a certain movie?
My gut tells me that the director needs to be super passionate and gung-ho. The director is the most important for me. I met Mohit Suri way before Aashiqui 2. He came in his shorts and long hair and was in the character and mood of Aashiqui 2. Today he is in The Villain's avatar. He has his hairstyle like mine right now. I like directors with vision and all three I've worked with share that in common – Karan, Vinel & Mohit. I would risk with the material if I know the director or the assistant know their drill.

You spoke about fear earlier in the interview. But would you ever fear playing a real life person on camera? Because to step in someone else's shoe would definitely give you heebie-jeebies.
(Laughs) Heebie-Jeebies yes but not fear. I think it would be awesome to play someone real than fictional. I like doing something different. I would love to do a sports film yaar! If I had a film like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, it would've been great. It is slightly easier for an actor to play a real life character. I want to create confusion in the minds of the audience as to what character I am going to play next. This 'lover-boy' image is soon going to be erased. The Villain will not make you remind of SOTY & Hasee Toh Phasee.

This lover-boy image is going to be erased soon - Sidharth Malhotra Part 2

Are you consumed by movies when you are not on a movie set?
No. When I am on a movie set I am disconnected from my family and friends. When I go back home, I am quiet,readingand doing my own thing. Mohit Suri too does the same thing. We are quite similar in that way. But subconsciously I am thinking and breathing movies. Films keep playing in my head. My next day's shoot keeps playing on my mind.

Do you hang out on the set and be a part of the team or you are one of those who go in the vanity van and stay aloof?
It's very important to make others on the sets feel you are one of them. I mean, the other day an assistant director celebrated his birthday and we all were present there. It's healthy and a good vibe on the sets of your movie helps to make a good film. It affects your mood if there are negative vibes and egos. I've been an assistant director so I can understand much better. The entire crew wants to give their opinions and they all like it if I give them an honest answer.

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