What Queen taught us

What Queen taught us

Queen released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– If your lover/beloved dumps you, it is better to take off for originally decided honeymoon destination to feel liberated

– Later in life, you can tag your douche-bag partner on Facebook as 'kutta' no less….and then gain hundreds of comments and likes

– A dildo could even double up as a massaging device to relieve you of pain in the knee joints

– Wait, even kinky belts like the ones available in European sex toy shops can be found in the lanes of Lajpat Nagar market of Delhi

– Indians are best at everything, including kissing, as demonstrated by Emraan Hashmi in number of films

– A mugger can't take a 'panga' with Dilliwaala even in the bad mean streets of Europe

– Once a 'firang' has a bite of a 'golgappa', he would most definitely return for more….and bring dozens of friends along as well

– Though foreigners may not know about Santa and Banta, it would take them just seconds to wake up to 'non-veg' jokes

– Italians don't like their food to be fiddled around with, especially when it comes to spices which Indians use liberally in their Chilly chickens and Chicken tikkas

– In a foreign land, don't order food where the only recognizable word as tomato. Chances are, you may have a large fish served at your table with popping eyes no less

– It is not a right lifestyle for a woman to have sex with random men night after night

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