What Ankhon Dekhi taught us

What Ankhon Dekhi taught us

Ankhon Dekhi released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– Don't trust anything and everything that you read or hear. Only believe it in when you see through your own eyes

– If there is no infinity then there is no way that two parallel lines actually meet eventually

– It is futile to believe that a lion roars till you actually see him roar

– It is futile to inform someone about details related to flight duration and weather in a foreign land unless you have yourself traveled to that location

– To experience life better and learn from it, it is better to go on a 'maun vrat' and just see and listen

– As the eldest man of the house in a joint family, you can actually take a whimsical decision of leaving your job behind and not being least bit apologetic about it or concerned about your kin's future

– You may indulge yourself in gambling if you are fascinated by the sheer theory of probability that numbers on the playing cards have to offer

– An Uncleji from Moradabad may have such high notions of people in Delhi that he would communicate anything and everything in his thickly accented small town English

– Don't trust anything and everything that you just read. Only believe it in when you see the film through your own eyes

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