What Ragini MMS 2 taught us

What Ragini MMS 2 taught us

Ragini MMS 2 released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you!

– In Bollywood a horror movie is not just horror. It needs to have sex, comedy, a porn star and chartbuster songs. Then it is called a 'horror' movie

– A 'chudail' reads letter 'ulta'. So if a person is possessed and speaking gibberish, play her audio backwards. Voila, the mysteries of the world are solved there and then

– Still, a 'chudail' is never killed, especially in a hit franchise. It would eventually return in some shape or format. Remember that rocking wooden horse in the film's last shot?

– A flirt actor would feel the presence of an unknown, get puzzled by a lady in his arms standing right outside his door and have his bed rocked. Still, he would never get suspicious or raise alarm

– It isn't easy to be a porn star. Even that requires emotions with 'oohs' and 'aahs' needed to be conveyed in style, and with conviction. Try that at home, baby!

– If a porn star researches for a film, she becomes 'Ritu Porno' by default

– Only a producer has the right to watch his leading lady in a changing room because he has 'given her the cheque'

– If a filmmaker seems promising, a struggler girl from Lokhandwala would be willing to compro (compromise) with not just him but even his girlfriend in act through a threesome

– Sunny Leone always sleeps in the night while wearing the most itsy-bitsy of lingerie. Exhibit A – Jism 2. Exhibit B – Ragini MMS 2.

– Apna haath…hamesha saath

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