Akshay Kumar gets injured in mob fury outside night club

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Akshay’s stint as a deejay at a suburban club in Mumbai on Saturday night as part of a promotion for his new film nearly ended in disaster. The star who was out to have fun at the club playing his favourite songs from the 1970s, ended up with injuries in his arms legs and back. Mob fury beat down on Akshay, his co-star Aditya Roy Kapoor and director Vipul Shah when youngsters were not allowed to enter the jam-packed club. They vented their fury on the club-lobby, shattering the glass cases and breaking the furniture as Akshay and his team tried to make their get-away from the back entrance. But to no avail. There were people jamming the backdoor too. Akshay, Vipul and Aditya had no choice but to push their way through the relatively smaller melee at the backdoor. In the bustle Akshay was injured. Shudders Vipul, "It was a nightmare. It took us a good half an hour to make our way from the back entrance to Akshay’s car. By then the damage was done." Akshay has forbidden his colleagues who were with him on Saturday evening from talking about his injuries. "Achcha nahin lagta. They were well-meaning fans," Akshay reasons. To recap to Saturday evening, Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were supposed to act as deejays on Saturday night at the club Polyster. Aishwarya couldn’t make it.

So Akshay braved the club armed with his favourite 1970s tracks including John Travolta’s ‘Saturday Night Fever’, ‘Jai Jai Shiv Shankar’ (Aap Ki Kasam), ‘La Bamba’ and ‘Tum Kya Jaano’ (Hum Kissise Kam Nahin). Akshay was supposed to zip into the club, spend 20 minutes DJing and leave quickly before the crowds started swelling. But Akshay got greedy. Says Vipul, "Akshay really began enjoying himself. Instead of 20 minutes, he stayed a good 45 minutes. By then the word had spread around the club that Akshay Kumar was the deejay of the evening. The club could hold around 400 people. We expected an additional 500 people." Within half an hour the crowd increased, with people trying to get into the Club. Shudders Vipul, "The door of the club had to be shut. Those who couldn’t get in got restless and angry. They started breaking all the glass and furniture. We fled through the backdoor. But not before facing the mob at the back entrance." Looking back Vipul sighs, "Thank God Aishwarya couldn’t make it. I can’t begin to imagine what would’ve happened if she was present." Says Akshay, "Hota hai. It was good fun. I got to play my favourite John Travolta track. It’s a pity my event with John didn’t materialize. I was out of town when he was in Mumbai. And when I returned he had left Mumbai."

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