Gratitude…is a noun, meaning thankfulness and appreciation

Celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, as families group and re-group for the thanksgiving dinner, there is always a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what life has offered.

This is the holiday, dear to my heart, I always live with gratitude, and what better way to share my gratitude then to get together with family and dear friends, over a meal. Over the years Lasagne has become the popular meal in our home for thanksgiving. The recipe which I use, has become a signature theme, and associated with my name in the family and amongst the close circle of friends.

Although I am not able to share this holiday with the family and friends in Canada. I will continue to be grateful for being with them in my thoughts. As each person comes to mind, I will send my energy to them. I will share the thanksgiving meal with the friends in Costa Rica. Staying here for the extended periods of time, and receiving the warmth and love from everyone here, has made this place a home away from home. Gratitude, is not bound, by who and what one is grateful for, instead it is the feeling invoked within, when the thankfulness and appreciation is expressed, outwardly or said in a silent paryer, inwardly.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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