Barbie Handa rechristens herself as Manaara for Anubhav Sinhas Zid

The legendary Shakespeare had once said 'What's in a name'. Well, if your name is Barbie Handa, then, there's so much in the name. For starters, Barbie Handa is Priyanka Chopra's first cousin, who is now all set to make her silver screen debut in Anubhav Sinha's Zid.

Barbie, in order to be walking with the times, has now rechristened herself as Manaara, courtesy, Anubhav Sinha. Speaking about the name change, Sinha reasoned that Barbie was too childish a name for a grown-up girl. He added that Manaara also happens to be her nickname. Seconding his thoughts was Barbie herself… we mean… Manaara herself, who said that she liked the very name Manaara, which means a Greek word for 'something that shines'.

Manaara is making news not just for her name change, but also about the film's dare-bare posters which features her. Explaining which she she says, since we are in 2014, she can't be in a veil ('ghoonghat').And if she wanted to be all covered, she would rather do a saas-bahu serial. Manaara added (read 'confessed') that she has a hot body and that she doesn't mind showing it. When asked for her sister Priyanka's reaction to the posters, Manaara was quick to reply that prior to the poster shoot, she had called up Priyanka Chopra(who was in Barcelona at that time) and she gave her nod for the same, but with a condition that she had to ensure that it's done aesthetically and didn't look sleazy.

Readers may recall that Zid was also in the news recently because of the film's 'director' Vivek Agnihotri disowning the film claiming that Zid was not directed by him.

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