When Shahid Kapoor’s phone rang non-stop

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

When Shahid Kapoor's phone rang non-stop

Shahid Kapoor recently had a roller coaster of a day. The ace actor woke up to a sea of calls and his phone rang non-stop that day for two varied reasons.

There were reports of Shahid’s engagement and Shahid woke up to calls congratulating him for his rumoured engagement.

He got calls from friends and even distant relatives who reached out to congratulate him and find out about the mystery girl.

Shahid nearly spent the first half of the day politely answering calls and clarifying rumours.

Then the same evening Shahid bagged three awards for his exceptional performance in Haider.

So calls started pouring in to congratulate him for bagging three prestigious awards in one night.

The ace actor was euphoric and tried to receive most calls which came. It felt like a phone-a-thon day for him.


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