Bipasha Basu wants to marry, but John Abraham refuses

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Relationships are made in heaven but it is sure that they are broken on earth. One of the rocking Jodi of B-town, Bollywood hunk, John Abraham and the dusky beauty Bipasha Basu have a big trouble brewing between their decade old relation. It is very hard for their fans to guzzle this truth as these sizzling couples of bollywood were in a relationship since a decade now. Why did this ever happen, what was the reason for their break up?

The hottest couple of bollywood who ruled everyone’s imagination with their sizzling chemistry have sadly parted away.
Speculations are widespread that John has refused to marry Bipasha as he is not ready for it yet. Interestingly, the decision of tying initially came from Bips, but all went in futile, when John replied “no” for now. It seems as John is more profound towards his career that he left for his eternal love.

As quoted by Mumbai Mirror, a close friend of the couple said, “Bipasha wanted marriage but John was not ready to be tied down. They were together for a decade, so the decision came naturally to

According to the sources, the couple says, “They may still make an appearance together at an event but the fact is that they are no longer a couple”.

People have started noticing that John and Bipasha have stopped making public appearances or going to any event together. They would either go separately or keep track of each other’s timings through the sources and land up on different timings. It is never expected that this relationship could go so far.
“He is my closest friend and we get along very well. His mind has always full of Bipasha and it used to be so every time we met. Lekin abhi aisa nahin hai. He has just stopped talking about her completely”, said John’s closest friend.
 It’s believed that John and Bipasha are running down with a hectic schedule and this is probably one of the reasons why they are not able to spend some time together.
Hoping for the best ever relationship of Bollywood’s sizzling couple.

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