Shyam Benegals committee recommends suggestions for anti-smoking clause to CBFC

Couple of years ago, Anurag Kashyap started a fight against the constant smoking warnings that are issued in almost every scene which depicts smoking in a film besides the other short film that plays at the beginning of every film. And now the new committee headed by Shyam Benegal has a few changes to be recommended when it comes to anti-smoking warnings in films.

Central Board of Film Certification has constantly maintained that the audio visual and the continuous warnings are extremely important when it comes to films depicting smoking as according to them they have a bad effect on the society. Taking into consideration the constant appearance of smoking disclaimers that pop up when every character lights a cigarette in the film and the fact that such pop-ups disturb the smooth flow of the film, now the Benegal Committee has suggested changes like a static disclaimer with a standard visual background along with an audio that will be played only for a minimum period. They have also further recommended that it should be applicable for all Indian language films. However, along with them, the committee has mentioned that the frequency of smoking scenes should be reduced. It has been suggested that the presence of high profile actors and superstars may give a boost to the campaign.

Besides smoking, the committee also tackled the problem of the delay in issuing use of animals certificate which takes a long time to get cleared. They have various recommendations on the issue including the concept of licensed supplier of performing animals who will train and protect them as per law for films and other forms of entertainment.

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