The Surprise Value is the hall mark of Dream Team Tour

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Surprise Value is the hall mark of Dream Team Tour

At the Dream Team concert in Chicago in the majestic Sears Arena, Aditya Roy Kapur, Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan tried all the tricks in their romantic book to woo Katrina Kaif but the 'Dhoom' girl decided to settle for the match maker Karan Johar. In San Jose, Katrina Kaif had opted to pick all the three hunks as a package leaving Johar gaping. The deliberate effort to avoid being predictable and keeping the audience guessing is the hallmark of the 'Dream Team' that is creating a solid impact amidst the prolific desi crowd in USA. Chicago's concert was extremely well organised and full credit to National Promoters Prria and Mehboob Haider of Prria Haider Productions, Puroo Kaul and Chicago Promoters Bhavesh and Nick Patel for creating a sprightly atmosphere where entertainment literally flowered.

In Orlando, Varun Dhawan lifted two girls that resulted in high decibel shrieks in the arena and a pandemonium later in the social media arena. In Chicago, the beautiful Dr. Pria was the toast of the evening. In the press conference held on August 18, she had openly expressed her innocent undying love for Aditya Roy Kapur without realising that her pure love had been perfumed by natural 'basic instincts' as well (blame it on Aditya Roy Kapur's delirious sex appeal). During the concert, Varun Dhawan teased Aditya Roy Kapur by mentioning Dr. Pria's name while the lady in question was swooning in the front row willing to climb the stairway to heaven to be with the hero of her dreams. Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt energetically performed on 'Shake It Like Shammi' which was the new addition to the repertoire and had not been performed in any of the other concerts. The 'Dream Team' members are feeding off the vibe that they are receiving from the audience and that is what is making each concert a uniquely different experience.

Alia Bhatt began the proceedings in Chicago with 'Gulabo', 'Ladki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chul' and 'Samjhavan'. I overheard someone saying, "Alia's performance is a cool mixture of 50 Shades of Gray, Beyonce and the conventional Bollywood Diva." I captured Parineeti Chopra's entry (from her green room to the stage) on my mobile phone and later posted the video on the social media pages of Bollywood Hungama to a viral impact. Katrina Kaif has been a revelation. The reason why she's a world class performer is her penchant for enormous hard work. She perfects everything while doing the rehearsals and during the actual concert, her act flows like water bouncing off a cliff unravelling a beatific panoramic view.

Chicago was special for Varun Dhawan since his aunt stays there and she was present in the audience. Varun Dhawan recalled how he had visited Chicago first when he was 10 years old. He doffed the Chicago Bulls hat after ending one of his performances while blowing kisses in the wind. A bunch of girls met me in the hotel lobby on the day of the concert in Chicago. They told me about their fascination for Sidharth Malhotra and how they've travelled over six hours by road hoping to meet Sidharth once. When I told Sidharth Malhotra about this, he simply smiled. The best part about Sidharth Malhotra is that the burgeoning stardom hasn't impacted his simple approachable persona. I think it is mentor Karan Johar who's responsible for the likable down to earth demeanour of Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt.

The Surprise Value is the hall mark of Dream Team Tour

When I spoke to Karan Johar, he was very happy with the positive acceptance of the 'Dream Team' in USA considering almost all of the stars are merely four years old in the industry with Katrina Kaif adding a big prized-catch-value. Johar believes that this experience will further catapult these stars into bigger realms as the live energy of the audience is a big parameter for understanding what the crowd really wants. Baadshah is the only singer in the team but when he tells the crowd that he's not there to perform, they fall silent. "Main aap logon ke saath party karne aaya hoon," he said and the crowd cheered loudly. "Mujhe aapke hands aur legs dono hawa mein chahiye," Baadshah said amidst crackling laughter. His laid back walks and high-on-enthusiasm performance elicited a whopping response. The female and male singers, who do substantial fillers in Baadshah's act are very good.

Chicago has one of the biggest desi populations in USA. Patels, Punjabis and even Pakistanis work in a close knit manner. Devon Street offers awesome desi delicacies (I went to 'Sabri Nahari' and came back really impressed) and then there's Gandhi Marg as well. It is heartening to meet so many Indians and Pakistanis who follow Bollywood Hungama so keenly. Our hashtag #DreamTeamHungama trended on twitter all throughout the Concert. Even #Chicago was trending and it had maximum tweets from #DreamTeamHungama. The Bollywood Hungama hashtag has trended in each of the four concerts so far. The 4G network was jammed inside the arena today and the Wi Fi was coming-and-going. I shot videos on my mobile, went out of the arena, uploaded on our social media properties, came back inside, shot on mobile once again and then went out after a point to repeat the exercise.

I am writing this diary on the way to Los Angeles where the fifth concert will be held today. Once again, a different time zone, and fresh new energy. Bring it on!

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