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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

All of a sudden, cars have caught the attention of film-makers this side of the Atlantic. Last year, FERRARI KI SAWAARI, more recently MERE DAD KI MARUTI and now HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE have automobiles playing a significant part. Strangely, to me and to many others who recall that lovely Aamir – Juhi film, the title of HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE brings back memories of HUM HAIN RAHI PYAR KE. Needless to add, the similarities end there!

Veteran Jyotin Goel, who dabbled with an animation film in 2010 [BIRD IDOL], attempts a zany rom-com for the first time. The film is special for yet another reason… It marks Jyotin's son Dev's debut as an actor, besides starring Sanjay Dutt, who has featured in Jyotin's earlier ventures INAAM DUS HAZAAR, ZAHREELAY and SAFARI.

HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE has its moments, but, frankly, what could've been a comic saga with pulse-pounding adventure and thrills loses its sheen soon after a promising start… sorry, runs out of fuel would be more appropriate for this 'car'naama…

HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE narrates the story of two friends [Dev Goel and Adah Sharma], who embark on a road-trip from Mumbai to Pune on New Year's night. But the journey, which should've taken a couple of hours, ends up being an all-nighter, with bizarre events unfolding on the road and upsetting their plans of reaching the city.

Like I stated earlier, the film starts off with gusto, it has a lot going for it since one can relate to the theme, but the barrel of laughs ought to be chock-a-block to sustain audience interest. In this case, the laughs become scarce and sparse after a point and though the makers and the on-screen characters do make a sincere attempt to make you grin or break into a guffaw, you don't!

In addition, the sequences are stretched for no particular reason and the episodes that thwart the couple's plans of reaching Pune on time are so ludicrous that it's unbelievable. Right from the time the duo encounter a gorilla or goons on a secluded road to the tryst in the hospital to getting even with a politician's son and his cronies to saving the life of a scientist by cracking the password, the writing lacks the power to keep you glued. However, there are times when the sequences do bring a smile on your face [the second hour has its moments], but the outcome is way below the mark.

The soundtrack has a variety of compositions, which you like as long as you are watching the film.

Dev convinces you in a few sequences, but gets overenthusiastic and overzealous at times. Adah, who has proved her credentials in her earlier movies, handles her part well. Sanjay Dutt is just about okay, while Juhi Chawla is wonderful in the lone sequence. Chunky Pandey gets to portray multiple characters and he tries too hard to make you laugh. Anupam Kher is hardly there. Rati Agnihotri and Viveck Vaswani get limited scope. Amit Mistry hams. Samrat Mukerji is strictly okay.

On the whole, HUM HAI RAAHI CAR KE is below par.

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