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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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I have seen a lot of wallpapers in the market and wanted to know how practical they are to use.

Wallpapers are very ‘in’ right now and are indeed available in the market extensively. Wallpapers can be very practical to use if you keep in mind their colour and texture with respect to where they are being used. Since we have dusty conditions in our country, any colour or texture that doesn’t suit these conditions should be avoided.

More than anything else, the right installation of wallpaper is most important. Most wallpapers are washable so they can be maintained easily. There are even paintable wallpapers available nowadays that give the house an embossed texture that comes through even after painting. The entire look of a place can be arrived at with the right use of the wallpaper.

I am thinking of changing the furniture in my dining room and making it more casual or lounge-like as I entertain a lot and want to do something interesting. My dining set-up now is a solid wooden table for six. Would appreciate your ideas. —Urvashi

There are a lot of options that can make your dining area more interesting. There are two principal ways in which I think you can change, not only the look, but also the feel of your dining space. First, by selecting the right height of the furniture.

If you choose to go higher than the conventional dining-table, try a peg table that is usually 40 inch-44 inch in height and high chairs whose seats are usually at 30 inches [from the floor]. This set gives a very casual look and the feel is great for entertaining.

On the other hand, you may try a dining set-up that is derived from the Japanese ‘tatami’ style of seating. Traditionally, a ‘tatami’ table should be at a maximum height of 18 inches. You can opt for chairs without legs, but with a back support that are usually used with this set-up or just make do with cushions or even a long mattress on the floor.

This is a great option if you are comfortable with floor seating. If not, you can modify the height of the table to about 24 inches and have low seating at 16 inches. This is a comfortable height to lounge and to serve and eat. Accessorise whatever table you choose with a runner and a décor piece like a candelabra, a fruit platter or a vase of any style you like.

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