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I have just bought a two-bedroom flat in Greater Noida but the space appears small. How do I set up things so that the house looks spacious?—Ruchika

You can maximise space if you follow these simple rules of home decoration: You avoid clutter: Having lots of small accessories and everyday stuff in the room will visually mess up the room and bury the design, so try and go for hidden storage like settees or stools that double as chests. 

You open up the room: Keep the walking areas clear of furniture. Even oversized accessories can visually block the room, so avoid those.You keep furniture and furnishings simple: A common mistake people make is to put a lot of complex furniture in a small room. It is better to have a few simple large pieces.

You use good lighting: Use recessed lighting or even directional lighting like up-lighters and down-lighters to creates focal lighting in the room. You choose colour carefully: Choosing light colours is a great way to maximise space. Using several shades of the same colour, creating a monochromatic effect, will create an illusion of more space.

I am a jewellery designer by profession and love using colours. I want to paint the walls of my room in a bright colour like red or orange but I am afraid of how it will look. Please help.  — Anamika

I can understand your apprehension. There are people leave their walls in a neutral cream or white, simply because they are afraid to choose a colour. But colour can add a lot of personality and style to a room. Only painting a wall might not be a good idea.

If you co-ordinate some fabrics, cushions or even a striking accessory with the wall, it will completely change the appeal of the room. Everything will look integrated. To lighten up the space, get curtains, pillows or other accessories of the colour that you like.

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