2015 Nissan Micra: Under ten thousand and over the moon about it

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It should come as no surprise that small is in. It’s no more apparent than with Nissan’s all-new for Canada, supermini car, the 2015 Nissan Micra. The car will go on sale at a conversation starting $9,998 which makes it Canada’s lowest MSRP.

Price however, is just the tip of the iceberg. The Micra is currently sold in over 160 countries around the world –USA excluded– and is built on a platform shared with the Versa Note. Powered by a 1.6L 4-cylinder motor rated for 109 hp and 107 lb-ft of torque, Nissan promises terrific fuel economy in addition to a spritely driving experience.

Unsurprisingly the sub-$10k price will buy you a manual transmission Micra, something that Nissan believes will actually sell very well. We’d like to think this would indeed be so; for why would you buy a supermini car and ruin it by paying more for a dreary 4-speed automatic –unless you’re American that is.

For options that actually make sense, the Micra can be had with a Bluetooth hands-free system and even a backup camera paired to a 4.3-inch dash mounted screen. At its highest trim level, the top-of-the-line SR, the Micra will also feature 16-inch wheels, a leather wrapped steering wheel and a slew of other aesthetic enhancing upgrades.

The 2015 Nissan Micra ticks all the safety boxes with a full gamut of air bags, traction and stability control systems, ABS and EBD. Of course all of this comes standard regardless of trim level.

There isn’t much in the form of competition within the Canadian supermini segment besides the Chevrolet Spark and Mitsubishi Mirage. Between the two, the Spark may actually be a proper competitor to the Micra despite being unable to match the Micra’s ultra-low starting price. Read more about the Chevrolet Spark here.

First unveiled in Quebec during the Montreal Auto Show in January, the 2015 Micra is expected to hit dealer showrooms in April this year. The car is built at Nissan’s new production facility in Aguascalientes, Mexico and will become the third Canadian Nissan model to be built in Mexico.

As the new Micra prepares to join Nissan’s value-priced lineup of small cars, the company will be phasing out the Versa sedan in Canada. Going forward buyers will be treated to their choice of Versa Note –soon to just be called the Note, like it is in Europe– at $13,348, the Sentra at $14,848 and of course the Micra at just $9,998.


Photographs courtesy of Nissan Canada


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