NBGS Wildlife Department Deploys Forces To Protect Wildlife

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Speaking to journalists on the matter on Wednesday, the Director of Wildlife Conservation Emilio Aleu said his department responded to the need of protecting wildlife in most forests of the state.

“According to the reports and assessments made by the forces last year and this year, it has appeared that some illegal hunters are rampantly killing these wild animals,” Aleu told journalists in the state capital Aweil. 

Most of animals illegally hunted by these individuals include gazelle, antelope, deer and others.  The director is worried of extinction of wild animals in South Sudan.

“This has been our main challenge every time. We hardly suppress the issue. It may cause extinction of these wild animals if not controlled well,” he lamented.

The director said most of the suspects are found to be members of the organized forces at the counties and a few armed civilians.

“Our recent assessments indicate that most of the poachers are from the organized forces.  We are suspecting most of the counties where those forests are. Another group is said to be armed civilians who are illegally in possessions of arms,” the director said.

“We found out that it is very difficult to control the continuous poaching because they are
armed and when asked they can clash with our forces.”

He however said he deployed a good number of his forces to Chel-kou and Achana in Aweil West and Aweil Centre bordering Central African Republic (CAR) to reduce poaching. 

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