Melvin Brewing In Top 5 Midwestern Companies Supporting Higher Education

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Melvin Brewing Higher Education

Supporting education helps communities grow for generations. There are multiple ways to show support including donating money, fundraising, and sponsoring education centers. For decades businesses and companies have helped educational institutions by contributing time and money. Both local businesses and well-known companies have been helping throughout the Midwest.

What Is Education?

Education indicates the expansion of knowledge. Most people think of education in a formal setting such as a classroom. While colleges and universities are one way of continuing education, the public offers an array of options.

Public libraries, community radio stations, public access shows, documentaries, preschools, and community centers can all offer a peek into another world. By understanding different ways of thinking and forming opinions, empathy can also be expanded. Supporting education does not necessarily mean scholarships for formal education. Depending on what’s important in the community, it can be technical training, foreign language programs, and dance instruction.

As long as education is valued, the continuing support of its existence should be honored in whatever way fits best. When businesses partner with educational programs, this can benefit both customers and students of all ages.

The Top 5 Midwestern Businesses Supporting Education

By supporting education, businesses can show what matters to them while giving back to the community. Shoe companies, hair salons, and financial institutions are all examples of the many businesses that care.

Melvin Brewing

Local businesses can help support education in a meaningful and long-lasting way. Melvin Brewing has sponsored the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard club to help raise money for student athletes. By raising hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, 500 student athletes can receive scholarships. Melvin Brewing has also partnered with The Chill Foundation to promote educational programming for Denver’s youth as well as several other local foundations.

Bellevue Apartments

Bellevue Apartments is a living community that supports PBS Wisconsin. PBS provides local educational programming that provides news coverage as well as at-home learning shows. Many programs are designed for students throughout the year who are interested in a curriculum-aligned digital format. PBS provides education for grades 3-8 as well as 9-12 with a variety of educators.


Adidas announced in 2019 their continued support for The University of Kansas. By renewing the contract, the athletic department will receive over 3 million dollars per year. College basketball is an industry that can draw many fans and additional opportunities once a student has graduated. The renewed partnership will help Kansas City to compete in future games and championships.

The Dairy Management Inc.

The Dairy Management Inc. scholarships are available to undergraduate students that are enrolled in a college or university program that emphasizes dairy. There are several majors that can be included in this type of higher education. Communications, journalism, marketing, and economics are all majors that may not be directly related to dairy but can count for scholarship opportunities. Food science, agriculture education, and nutrition are also eligible.

Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson company has partnered with the Junior Achievement of Wisconsin. This educational environment allows both middle school and high school students to explore career opportunities. Through this program, students can learn how to successfully manage their finances and earn a high school diploma or GED. By forming a partnership, this institution can run smoothly to give students what they need.

Supporting Education Through Business

“Support” can come in many packages. While some causes may need donations, others may need volunteers. Sponsorships and scholarships are just some of the ways a business can help support access to education.

Hosting a business or company event can help raise money for a cause. Several businesses that focus on future employment or financial security volunteer their time to host events at community colleges across the Midwest. Even events that have little to do with formalized education can still help raise money for educational institutions. Raffles, concerts, and book drives are other ways that businesses frequently show their support.

Education can mean going to a college or university, but it can also mean the extension of learning through other platforms. Supporting libraries and news organizations can also benefit both children and adults. Since learning doesn’t stop once an individual has graduated from school, other forms of education are crucial to emotional and psychological growth.

Small business partnerships are a growing trend. By linking education with local businesses and companies, students and community members can create pathways to success. Small businesses that wish to find a family environment with employees who care are increasingly investing their time in education. Community centers and colleges can prepare individuals for new experiences and connections in the future.

The University of Arizona sponsors monthly forums to promote a commercial space ecosystem. By providing these leadership platforms, students can focus on the expansion of companies and community. Since aerospace manufacturing is an attractive option for Tucson, this type of education is important for increasing development.

What Can Individuals Do?

Volunteering can take time. Since not everyone has additional hours during the week, many people prefer to give money. There are several ways to financially support schools and education centers, but some methods may not be feasible. Large donations or monthly contributions can require a substantial amount of money which may feel somewhat overwhelming.

In addition to volunteering or donating money, patronizing charity-run businesses can support the community without requiring large amounts of cash. Depending on the business, a cup of coffee or a pair of shoes can make a positive difference.

Visiting local businesses that sponsor education is a popular way of helping the community because no matter how much money is spent, it is a wise investment. Not only is the product or service enjoyed, but it’s for a good cause. Individuals who want to support schools or students can make a positive impact for everyone involved just by patronizing a business.

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