Bounty Movie Night

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

This past weekend, Bounty Paper Towels offered a free movie night to moms and their families. The lobby of the Albion Cinemas was jam-packed with families enjoying free samosas and drinks. Moms didn’t have to worry about the greasy samosas as Bounty Paper Towels were on guard to ensure their kids keep clean and grease free.

“The turnout was amazing and we tried our best to give moms a fun-filled Friday night out. I strongly feel that Bounty Paper towels were a great fit as I saw worry-free moms just handing Bounty paper towel to their kids to keep them clean,” says Ashwin Garg, Brand Manager, Bounty Canada, who himself came with his mom.

After the movie, Bounty surprised guests with a pack of free Select-A-Size Bounty Paper Towels to take home. Movie-goers went home with a new appreciation for all hard-working Mummyji’s.

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