12 Things That Never Happen On Spring Break

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We don’t always watch movies and TV for realism. In fact, some of the best films are those that allow you to escape to a totally un realistic situation. Like, spring break in Mexico, except you have a lot of money. Or, perhaps a scenario in which your parents have decided to take you on a tropical vacation to the Bahamas. Or even that you’d go anywhere but your couch for spring break at all.

Spring break shows are especially guilty of getting our hopes up. While the cast of Beverly Hills, 90210  is in a swanky hotel in Cabo, you and your friends are likely shacking up in a double bed at the Motel 6 in Orlando. Ahead, 12 major lies spring break movies and TV shows told us.

Myth: That you and your aging father would ever be able to bond over sexual hijinks.
As Seen In: Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Myth: You got to MTV’s Spring Break à la Taylor Vaughn.
As Seen In: She’s All That (1999)

Photo: Courtesy of Miramax.

Myth: James Franco is there.*
As Seen In: Spring Breakers (2012)

*Actually, this could potentially happen to you.

Myth: Your dad’s like, “Pack your shit, we’re going to the Bahamas.”
As Seen In: Holiday in the Sun (2001)

Photo: Courtesy of Dualstar Entertainment.

Myth: You and your crush randomly burst into song.
As Seen In: From Justin To Kelly (2003)

Photo: Courtesy of 19 Entertainment.

Myth: You’ll stay at a fancy hotel in Cabo that you definitely cannot afford.
As Seen In: Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990)

Photo: Courtesy of Spelling Television.

Myth: Every male surfer you meet will be named Blaine, Zayne, or Kunu.
As Seen In: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Myth: The Shins will play at the dive club near where you’re staying.
As Seen In: Gilmore Girls (2007)

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Myth: You can go to Mexico by yourself, even though you’re like 15.
As Seen In: The O.C. (2003)

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Myth: This is a good opportunity to show your mom how responsible you are.
As Seen In: Spring Breakdown (2009)

Photo: Courtesy of Code Entertainment.

Myth: This will be a spiritual awakening — in Fort Lauderdale.
As Seen In: Where The Boys Are (1960)

Photo: Courtesy of MGM.

Myth: You’ll become part of an MDMA drug ring.
As Seen In: 22 Jump Street (2014)

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.

Myth: You’ll be at the center of a shark infestation.
As Seen In: Spring Break Shark Attack (2005)

Photo: Courtesy of Von Zerneck Sertner Films.

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