Jackpot in online gambling for real money

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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If you play slot machines, then you can win at any time. The essence of gambling for real money makes it possible for any participant to get rich, regardless of anything but luck. And to whom luck smiles especially strongly – he can win the jackpot. But what is a jackpot? Let’s find out.

The common things between jackpot in gambling games for real money and a lottery

The casino jackpot can be compared to a lottery. Lottery players buy tickets, forming a prize pool, and then a winner is selected. Those who have more tickets have more chances, but only according to probability theory. But in real life the winner may be the “lucky guy” who bought only one ticket.

Jackpots in this regard can be called as some sort of lotteries inside slot machine games or casinos, only without tickets.

This happens as follows: a certain number of players play in online gambling sites for real money, making bets and receiving (or not receiving, everything can happen) their winnings. The slot machine or a software of the online casino collects money from the all players that participate particular gambling game, and distributes the total “pot” to them, but not to everyone equally, but in a completely random order rewards someone with wins. In fact, the slot machine takes quite a bit in favor of the casino – about 7%, while everything else comes back to the players. Users, in turn, want to get the big jackpot.

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There are such online gambling slot machines that have one more “cumulative” jackpot. The sum of all bets placed in the slot is 100% money. 7% of this money goes to casino profits, while 93% remains. But only 90% can go to the total win, and the remaining 3% will be placed to the total pot of jackpot. What is the difference between a jackpot and a regular win?

What is Jackpot?

Each slot obeys mathematics, according to which each particular Spin of the reels is more or less winning / losing. When placing a bet in an online slot, you submit a request to the game server of the online gambling establishment. The answer of a special random number generator determines whether you get a real money win and how big it will be.

Jackpot is easier. It randomly drops to any user which currently play online gambling game with real money bet which supports the cumulative jackpot of the casino (or sometimes even few casinos may have total jackpot generated from them).

But there is always “but”. To win a jackpot (and this is a very big prize, as a rule), you just need to play at the minimum bet allowed for the jackpot. Usually this is about 1 to 5 dollars per bet. The benefit is obvious.

Types of jackpot prizes in online gambling games for real money

In modern online casinos there are many opportunities to win the jackpot. Jackpots can be different, as well as the scale of the prize amounts that you can claim.

It is important to understand the difference between progressive and static jackpots. A static jackpot has fixed amount of money. Returning to an example with lotteries, a static jackpot can be compared with a lottery. There is a pre-announced prize amount and there is a winner. The circulation of tickets can be very flexible.

A progressive jackpot is a more mysterious kind of prize. This bank is constantly accumulating, directly with the entry of players’ bets in the slot machine, blackjack, baccarat, etc. And this fund may drop to someone at any moment, randomly.

However, all of the above are jackpots from manufacturers of gambling games online. And there are also jackpots from the casinos themselves. The institution can allocate a percentage of its profit to the progressive jackpot fund to stimulate the activity of its clients. As a rule, to claim this amount you just need to play at the rate established by the rules of the casino you play in.

In a word, jackpots, whether they are from slot machines developers or provided by casinos, are a great opportunity for alternative winnings that anyone can break. If you get the opportunity to play with the jackpot – use it to check your luck. And who knows, maybe fortune this time will be favorable specifically to you.

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