The Wet Shave v The Electric Shave

The discussion has quite been going on around for some time now as people tend to differentiate amongst wet shave and electric shave. For the pros there is nothing in the world that can replace the wet shave, but when it comes to the amount of time saved, the convenience and the amount of reduced cuts and face burns, there is nothing like an electric shave.

Wet Shave:

The wet shave is a long lasting and more fulfilling experience that an electric shave. Wet shave is destined to give far better results than an electric shave and make your experience worth all the time spent in foaming your face with shaving cream (lather), soap or with any other lubricant.They are considerably inexpensive compared to electric shavers and prove to be the best option in the long run. Wet shave can give best results when done with the grain and provide with maximum results in few passes. Wet shave doesn’t have the hassle of technical cleaning and can be easily washed off under a runny tap.

However, wet shave is more probable to give you face rashes, face burns and nicks on slightest mistakes, giving you a rather unprofessional look. Also significant time is required beforehand to prepare for a wet shave that includes washing the face, foaming, shaving, cleaning razor and applying after shaves.

Electric Shave:

Electric shave has been quite a competitor of wet shave for some time now. Time conscious moments and people go for the electric shave that is the best solution for the situation. Almost no preparation time is needed (not in case you are using a rechargeable shaver) and can save a lot of hassle required in foaming down your face. Also, there is much less, almost negligible, chance of cuts, nicks, face burns and bruises. As there is no requirement of water in this mode of shaving, electric shavers can be used almost anywhere and in any condition. This portability feature allows them to be carried anywhere.

Apart from all the added features, electric shavers got their cons as well. Electric shavers can be really expensive with comparison to razors and with all the variety available in the market. It can be hard to make an appropriate choice. One can end up buying a rather much more expensive piece than really necessary. Also there is a lot of trouble in cleaning up the shaver as the tiny hairs seem to go a lot inside the shaver. Also, it has to be kept off of water and wet skin as just a tiny bit of droplet can ruin the shaver. If the shaver isn’t the rechargeable one, the electric cord could tighten things up in your bathroom.

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