Three Worst Food Mistakes You Can Make For Your Skin

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The foods you eat not only make you physically and mentally healthy but also affect your skin. We daily consume many foods that are taking a toll on our skin. Two studies published in 1969 and 1971 suggested thatchocolate and fried foods lead to breakouts and flawed skin complexion.

These two studies are revived by new research that demonstrates that our diet regimen is the total of food items and drinks that are undesirable for the skin. Certain foods and dietary habits lead to acne, wrinkles, irritation and skin cancer. Discover three worst food mistakes that wreak havoc on your skin. Avoid these mistakes and make your skin fresh and free from damages.

1. Sugary Foods:

The foods that are packed with refined carbohydrates and sugar cause your blood sugar level to spike and cause chronic inflammation in the body. The rapid spike in the sugar level and inflammation damage collagen and elastin; the connective tissue that keep the skin supple and firm in a process called “glycation”. Whenever you intake sugary foods like chocolates, candies, ice cream, processed foods and condiments, the digested sugar attaches to your collagen in the skin permanently.

Glycation can worsen your skin conditions. The sugary foods stimulate the production of oil in the skin and pore cloggingskin cells shed faster. Research has also revealed that sugar loaded diets encourage premature aging and fine lines. If you are concerned with premature aging then consider the replacement of sugary and processed carbs with fresh vegetables.

2. Beverages:

These drinks are loaded with sugars that exacerbate your skin. The way sugar is harmful for skin in the foods, sugar found in liquids is also damaging that can contribute to acne, premature aging and many other skin inflammatory issues. The sugar rapidly absorbed via drinks and flow like blood in the blood streams. Sodas especially black colas are the main cause of skin damage. The advanced glycation end products are used in coloring the colas that are the main culprit in the stimulation of skin aging process.

You should also avoid caffeinated beverages to keep skin fresh as they reduce circulation and cause dehydration.Alcoholic drinks dehydrate the skin and speed up the process of aging. Water is the essential component to keep the skin fresh by reducing fine lines and wrinkles from the skin. Less consumption of water makes your skin dull. So maximize theintake of water on regular basis. Avoid artificial colored drinks rather go for fresh juices and drinks. 

3. Starchy and Superior Glycemic Food Items:

Take in too much starchy and superior glycemic food items pace up the aging. High consumption of starchy diets is closely associated with premature aging. The starchy foods like pasta, white bread and white rice lead to spike in blood sugar that causes irritation in physique. The rapid spike in blood sugar produces enzymes that break elastin and collagen that cause skin damage.

The research has showed that large glycemic food stuffs spark breakouts and strengthen zits and pimples on the skin. To keep your skin fresh and wrinkle free, opt for whole grains that are loaded with antioxidants, low glycemic and anti-inflammatory.

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