Hans Raj Hans Accepted Islam

Hans Raj Hans

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Hans Raj HansRaj Hans is a popular Indian singer. Hans Raj is a Sufi folk singer and has much popularity among the Indian Punjab. The media reports were circulating for quite some time that famous Indian singer Hans Raj Hans has accepted Islam as religion but confirmation was nowhere to be found.

Now it has confirmed that the singer has adapted Islamic name of “Mohammad Yousuf”. He further explained that as far as singing industry is concerned, he will pursue with his name “Hans Raj Hans”.

The singer has studied Islam in detail and after gaining deep understanding of the religion he made up his mind to convert. He also started to read the Holy Quran and that is when he started to feel the spirit of teachings of Islam and the divine revelation.  I listened to the call of my heart and decided to embrace Islam as a religion, he is feeling proud and relieved after embracing Islam and excited about practicing Islam as a religion being a Muslim and he wishes to visit Madinah as soon as possible. He added.

Hans Raj Hans before embracing Islam belonged to the Sikh religion. He revealed that he has accepted Islam in Lahore, Pakistan. He also stressed that Pakistan and India has to resolve all the issues affecting their relationships negatively with dialogue. This will fulfill the wishes of Millions of people across the borders of India and Pakistan. He also stated that Islam is a religion of brotherhood. 

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