Skin Care Tips For Winters

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Due to the low humidity in winter, the lipid structure in the barrier layer of the skin tends to break up. Thus the water can’t be retained in the skin. This makes the skin dry. Apart from dry skin, other common problems encountered in winter are chapped lips, dandruff, cracked heels, exacerbation of eczemas and certain skin disorders like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc. Thus it is essential to take care of your skin.

 Soaps can be harsh on the skin as they alter the PH of the skin and make it more alkaline. This could cause dryness & flaking of skin especially in winter. You should use a soap which has emollients and oils such as dove, pears, oilatum, hidrate. If your skin is really dry, use cetaphil cleansing lotion as it maintains the PH balance of the skin as well as cleanses your skin well.

Avoid hot water showers. Keep your baths short. The thought of a long, hot bath on a cold winter day can be appealing but over-exposure to hot water can dry skin out even more.

After bath, apply a moisturising lotion on the entire body on a slightly moist skin. Use a heavy moisturising cream (one with heavy lipids such as cocoa or shea butter) for your hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Avoid toners & astringents in winter as they are alcohol based & will further dry the skin.

Drink enough water to keep yourself well hydrated.

Avoid the air conditioners as well as room heaters for long hours.

Use a lip balm or even ghee for your lips. Do not lick your lips as this will further dry your lips. Avoid matte lipsticks. Use a lip gloss instead.

Hair tends to get frizzy and dry in winter. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair. Use a good conditioner after every shampoo. Avoid blow drying, ironing, perming, these will cause the hair to become dry and brittle. Wear a scarf or a cap while travelling.

If you are developing cracks, you need to take care of your feet daily instead of once in a while pedicures. At bedtime, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. You may add a few drops of an oil free cleansing lotion or even salt to the water. Scrub with a pumice stone or a mild loofah. Apply a thick moisturising cream. If possible, wear cotton socks all the time.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise…and keep your skin supple and smooth.

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  1. Great tips! And I also feel instead of using chemical based products we should switch to Herbal and Ayurveda products. They are chemical free, 100% vegetarian and preservative free and have many more advantages without any scomment_IDe effects.

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