Men’s Grooming: Body Hair Removal

If you want to have a good impression on your women then you should get rid of the unwanted hair on your body because hairy body is the first thing that women notice. A good expensive haircut grooms your personality but if you have a weed like body with chest hair tucking out of your collar, even getting a most expensive haircut won’t do any good to your personality. Hair removal does not end at shaving your face only; you need to get rid from the unwanted hair from the rest of your body so that you could pull out those muscles from your shirt when it’s too hot outside. However, most men don’t know how to find the remedy of this problem so here are some key areas to get rid of excess body hair:

Neck up and inside of ear

A stylish haircut also includes getting rid of the neck hair as well because a hairy neck is never attractive. So, when considering your hair removal priorities, inside of ear and neck should be the first. To clean your hairy neck, use a razor because a razor is a convenient option if you are doing it yourself and for your ear, use a scissor to trim it. Because your neck and ears are not covered all the time so, getting a laser treatment would be worth a shot.

Nose and eye brows

Yellow teeth and nasal hair waving out will definitely take away the smile of your women. So, to get rid of your nasal hair you should use a scissor rather than a plucker because using a plucker to remover your nasal hair is a painful process. And for your eye brows, use a plucker because removing one or two hair from your eye brows would not do any bad to your face.

Chest and back

Waxing is a very painful process. The biggest benefit of waxing is that it leaves no hair and the skin looks shinny and soft in the end. So, for those men who have the stamina to bear pain should go for waxing otherwise shaving chest hair is the second option they are left with. A hairy back is never okay and to get rid of a hairy back you can either use a razor to shave it or get it waxed.

Pubic hair

Although pubic hair is a personal call but to get rid of those is very important for hygiene purposes. Shave it or trim with a razor and do it on regular basis because pubic hair is more likely to grow back.

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  1. Do you really have to shave off your pubic hair? It’s a tedious process and exposes you to the risk of getting nicked on your private parts by a razor blade not to mention the itchy discomfort you have to go through when hairs start to grow back. If you have genital odor issues, just use Hygiene Gel instead of shaving. Trimming is ok if you are not into the unkempt bushy look.

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