Hermès Swinging Silk Party in Toronto!

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Last night, le bf and I attended one of the funnestest parties in a very long time! Hosted byHermès, the Swinging Silk party had EVERYTHING: photobooth with Hermès silk scarf props, MAC Cosmetics fake tattoos, swing dancing, yummy drinks and food, retro hair makeovers, unicorns on roller-blades ..ok, maybe not the last one, but there was A LOT of fun things to see and do! We both ended up getting tatted up; I asked for a magical Hermès unicorn, while le bf got a heart with my name on it…after some persuading on my part.

We danced, people-watched, gawked at the gorgeous silk scarves everywhere (and on everyone), chatted with our favorite Toronto people, and really took advantage of that photobooth. It was a blast!

But if there was one thing that this party made me realize is that there are zillion ways of wearing one silk scarf! Literally. Zillion. And with Hermès’ brand new Canadian online shopping site, buying a magical silk scarf of my own has never been easier. If only choosing just one was this simple!

Photo Credits: 1, 3, 5-13 George Pimentel c/o Hermès; 4 – Sharon Ng Hayes (The Backseatstylers)

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