Basic Training: No-Pinch Sports Bras That Support

Your best friend at the gym isn’t necessarily your personal trainer or even your workout buddy — it’s your sports bra. When you’re doing your thing, you don’t necessarily want your girls to do theirs, but keeping them well-behaved oftentimes means sacrificing your own comfort (or worse, your lung capacity). Well, we say no more! 

Whether you’re a AA or a DD, a solid sports bra can be the difference between a stressful workout and a satisfying one. So, we asked our editors, who occupy a range of workout-intensity levels and cup sizes, to reveal what bra they rely on. Scroll through for the six that make a difference.


Gina Marinelli, assistant editor

Bra size: DD
Workout of choice: Dance (mostly modern, jazz, and contemporary), plus occasional yoga, kickboxing classes, or running outside

“The latest sports bra I’m a fan of is the Incredible by Victoria Secret Sport Bra. Admittedly, I often wear two bras to work out: one with underwire and then a snug, tight cami sport bra over. I find that it’s tough to find one singular bra that provides all the support and comfort I want and won’t require any adjusting mid-workout. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this new VSX offers the best of both worlds in one, which is great, because I don’t think anyone is a fan of bra layers.” 

Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra, $49.50 – $56.50, available at Victoria’s Secret.


Neha Gandhi, deputy editor

Bra size: B
Workout of choice: Running, both on a treadmill and outdoors, plus a recent obsession with thisTracy Anderson arms video

“I also love Underarmour sports bras. They don’t dig, they come in an array of neons, and they really do keep everything in place, no matter how long the run, which is awesome. This is the go-to for race day, always.” 

Underarmour Heatgear Reversible Bra, $29.99, available at Underarmour.


Connie Wang, senior global editor

Bra Size: AA
Workout of choice: Low-impact running, free-weight lifting, in-and-out in 45 minutes

“My gym routine — like my bra size — is pretty minimal. I do maybe 20 minutes on the treadmill and a few different lifts, and since I don’t need much (or anything) in the support department, my sports bra is really there to wick away sweat and keep whatever little jiggle there is at a minmum. I like that this Aerie bra has thin, non-constricting straps, and the cups feel like a training bra, and not an elastic vise. Plus, they come in a ton of fun, mood-lifting colors, which is great for me when every little bit of gym-bound motivation helps.” 

Aerie Fit Racerback Bra, $19.99, available at AE.


Jessica Teves, managing editor

Bra size: A
Workout of choice: Competitive tennis

“I’m not really into sports bras — most of them make me feel a bit constricted. So, I typically opt for a fitted tank with a built-in bra, and my absolute fave is Lululemon’s Power Y Tank. I have a handful of these (in white — always white!) that I wear for tennis and running. I love the fact that my movement isn’t restricted, but I still have the support I need. A win-win on many levels. 

Lululemon Power Y Tank Luon Light, $52, available at Lululemon.


Kelsey Miller, SEO editor

Bra Size: C
Workout of choice: Vinyasa yoga

“I’ve been wearing Old Navy’s padded sports bras for years. The ‘padded’ part is a little misleading, because it’s really just a good lining. These are great for bustier gals because they offer a ton of support and simply don’t stretch out (I do usually buy one size down). These were great when I was doing cardio, and though I mostly do Vinyasa yoga now, they’re still my go-to. You’d think you wouldn’t need as much support doing yoga, but trust me — you want those things to stay put when you’re upside down. Bonus: It’s stupid-cheap at $16.50 and is almost always on sale. 

Old Navy Padded Sports Bras, $12 (on sale from $16.50), available at Old Navy.


Diana Nguyen, contributing editor

Bra size: B
Workout of choice: Stairmaster, running, kickboxing

“My workouts aren’t intensely athletic, but there’s nothing as distracting as feeling like things are whipping around. These H&M bras are lightweight, non-constrictive, and provide lots of surface coverage, which is something I really look for in a sports bra. The fact that they come in prints and colors in actually sophisticated designs is a huge plus, too.” 

H&M Sports Bra, $14.95, available at H&M.


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