Kendall Jenner’s “Fur” Dress Demands A Closer Look

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

Of all the things that the Kardashians are known for, subtlety isn’t one of them, but the pink faux-fur minidress that Kendall Jenner wore to the Tony’s red carpet is all about the details. On first glance, the material looks like a hybrid between those plush microfleece blankets your mother always brings you when she comes to visit, and a Care Bear. (In fact, it is the exact same color of Cheer Bear). But wait: A zoom lens reveals this dress is nothing like what it seems. Calvin Klein Instagrammed a close-up of the piece, which shows that each fiber is actually layered sequins.

Kendall Jenner is currently part of Calvin Kleins' #mycalvins campaign, and her custom-made dress was created specially for the evening.

The Tony’s is one of the last awards shows where the celebration of stylists hasn’t overshadowed the celebration of the craft being honored. Those more pessimistic might have called the show's red carpet ugly, but we’ve always found the lack of high-fashion awareness sort of charming; in an age when a pretty mermaid-hem champagne-colored dress is the visual equivalent of Xanax, we sort of loved seeing the over-the-top, slay-mama-slay get-ups that might not have been sophisticated, but were definitely fun. And, with Anna Wintour getting involved in upping the chic-factor of this year’s Tony’s, we were expecting a toned-down palette and turned-up noses…and not, say, a “furry” pink minidress on one of Vogue’s favorite Bright Young Things.

That's all to say, viva la weird — we're always happy to be surprised every once in awhile.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
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