University Of Western Bahr El Ghazal Organize One Day Cultural Jubilee

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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The Students of Medicine in the University of Western Bahr El Ghazal organized a one day cultural jubilee on Sunday under the theme, Unity and Cultural Diversity, with an aim of bringing different tribes together.


Western Bahr El Ghazal University students dance to a cultural dance during the cultural dance jubilee held at the University[Photo| Gabriel Mayom]

WAU, 08 June 2015 [Gurtong]- The demonstrations observed by state government officials, students and other intellectuals featured the country’s most rival tribes Nuer and Dinka and Shilluk and Moro all dancing together for peace.

The University Dean of Medicine, Dr. Rose Ajak Costa described the act as jubilant and important for peace and harmony in South Sudan. She fortified aother public universities to embrace preaching peace through performances that reflect everyone’s interest.

Costa said that “the South Sudan we would like to see is a peaceful and loving country through cultures. It is very nice to see brotherhood coming together and dance together. Today I see Dinka and Nuer dancing together, the Shiliuk with the Moro dancing together, celebrating the joy of peace –   so it was really joyous day.”

She added that “seeing the unity of South Sudan in the students will bring peace and harmony in the rural and urban communities.”

Joseph Raymond, a member of the organizing committee and a Secretary General for Student’s Affairs at the University said that “no culture is above other culture.”

He maintained that the festival motive is to promote loyalty to South Sudan and respect for each other’s culture. 

Raymond who was speaking very excited said he lacked words to describe the event but the event was expected to bring peace and harmony between the students in the campus. 

He said “Exactly very wonderful day – people never expected that people would have danced together as it happened, see Dinka and Nuer and other tribe dancing together really recall the real South Sudan we aim to build. We need South Sudan that full of peace and respect to other culture. No culture is above another culture. We are important as South Sudanese and our cultures are very unique indeed.”


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