Herbs that sweeten your breath

Can’t stand the stinging sensation caused by a mouthwash, but want sweeter breath?

Pick up a pinch of one of these herbs instead – parsley, basil or coriander. All these contain the green plant pigment chlorophyll, which is a powerful breath freshener.

Apart from parsley, basil, and coriander, here are some more breath fresheners too.

These include:
Dill : It’s also rich in chlorophyll. Chew the seeds, or make dill tea by adding the leaves or mashed seeds to boiling water.

Cardamom : It contains cineole, a potent antiseptic that kills bad-breath bacteria. You can chew the seeds and then spit them out.

Anise : The seeds of this licorice-flavoured herb have been used for a very long time to freshen breath. You can boil the seeds in a cup of water. Strain, and then drink or use as a mouthwash.

Peppermint tea : This strong antiseptic helps fight halitosis.

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