Water for wrinkle-free skin!

Water may act as a weapon against ageing, and help keep wrinkles at bay, according to a study.
Scientists have recently identified 1,500 genes that determine how long people can keep their youthful looks, and found that there are eight ways in which skin ages, each controlled by different sets of genes.

However, one of the most important aspects is how well the skin gathers and retains water.
According to a study, up to 700 genes that help keep the skin hydrated become less active and less able to retain water as the cells get older, and thus lead to wrinkles.

Another factor is the levels of collagen, a molecule that gives the skin structure and strength. The genes that degrade it become overactive in older age, which also leads to wrinkles.

It has been found that there are about 40 genes that accelerate breakdown.

Wrinkles are also attributed to inflammation, which is affected by about 400 genes, and becomes more active with age.

Scientists at Procter & Gamble say that they carried out this study to determine why some people seem to age faster.

The researchers have revealed that they used the results and techniques from the Genome Project, the 2billion-dollar international programme aimed at mapping human DNA.

“Genomics is an exciting area of research. It’s allowing an unparalleled level of understanding of the causes of skin ageing which we are able to apply to creating products that were never possible before,” the Daily Express quoted principal scientist Dr. Sian Morris as saying.

Skin therapist Louise Thomas-Minns added: “Although some of the ageing process is determined by genetics, that is only around 30 per cent. The other 70 per cent is not written entirely in our genes which means that we can affect it by looking after our skin. Fluid is vital to allowing the skin enzymes to shed and renew which is why we often don’t look too good after a big night out.”

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