Best Gifts For Grandparents

Some names on our holiday shopping list are tougher to tackle than others, but few trump the "parent" category. Beyond our own flesh and blood, the parent label can span across almost everyone in our lives. There are our biological parents, our step-parents, our significant other's parents (new or permanent), and our grandparents. And then, come a certain age, the word "parent" starts to encompass our friends who are now producing their own spawn.

When gifting a parent, there's a careful balance of finding a functional present, but also one that says "Hey, I know you still have an identity outside of being a procreator." With soon-to-be and relatively new parents, it's best to help them out with presents that lend a helping hand. With your own family, key in on their personalities as you would your friends. As for your in-laws, we've offered some helpful tips for navigating those choppy waters. But most importantly, remember that unless they're truly clueless, parents of all walks of life are seasoned veterans at politely loving anything you decide to gift them.

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Parents With Kids
Meet the 2020 way to put your kid on timeout. There's no sense in sending them to their rooms when they can waste away their punishment time scrolling through Tik Tok. this special container will lock away video game controllers, phones, iPads, and other small devices for as long as the timer is set for.


Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container, $, available at Amazon

Parents With Kids
Most parents with kids share rooms during their family vacations. They may not be able to block out all the young ones' late night giggles but they can tune it out with a travel sound machine.

Yogasleep GO Travel Sound Machine, $, available at Verishop

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