International homeless animals day: live and let live

International homeless animals’ day is pretty much what its title states which is about helping animals to live in homes instead of the streets. This initiative held annually on August 18th was mainly started in order to raise awareness of animals that have been abandoned by owners, or been given to the local shelter. These charities need your support to spread the word about abandoned pets, neutering/spaying domestic animals. Read on to find out how to help abandoned animals and learn about my personal experiences as a pet owner. 

Abandoned pets are not a pretty sight to be seeing around your community as there are many dangers in living with that type of lifestyle. Pets such as these have sometimes run-away, are lost or have been simply abandoned by their owners who didn’t know what to do with them anymore. But, I highly recommend that before anyone takes the responsibility of getting a pet that they put the time and commitment towards it as well. This will help you to not have your pet run away, get lost or having it to abandon you either. There are dangers for these animals as they most probably have never experienced the wild because they are most likely domesticated. It’s sad to know that these animals that have to hunt for food just to fill up their stomachs are now in danger of getting hit by cars passing by.  The important thing to learn from this concept is to know that there are solutions to this such as an animal shelter which will help these animals have a hassle-free life and maybe even find a new home for themselves.

As a pet owner of two female Australian Shepherds myself, I believe it is essential that pets be neutered or spayed as it is extremely beneficial to the pet itself as well as the pet owner. I myself understand that it can be quite costly to have a dog spayed or neutered but it is beneficial in ways that most people don’t know.  When you spay or neuter your furry friend it can have a longer life span. Another positive impact about this is that it also keeps the pet calm and less agitated when seeing someone. It helps them to start socializing with other pets or human beings even more comfortably. In my opinion, the only drawback to something like this is the cost but then again it enhances their life and makes yours easier.

Personally, I feel that having a pet is a great way to learn, laugh and play because of their nature. It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat, dog, hamster, fish or even a bird. In my experience, I had a dog growing up as a child and he was a black labrador with bright brown eyes. He was a great dog that I cared for and gave back affection whenever it was needed. He was a really social dog that always sniffed others, held out his paw and wiggled his tail whenever he saw someone. It felt like that this black labrador of mine had given some of its traits and passed it on to me by making me a friendly, outgoing and socially active person in life. He was a great dog in my life and I will probably never forget him because he was like my childhood best friend.

So, go ahead adopt a pet and you can change a pet’s life!

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