Salva Kiir Warns Armed South Sudan Forces Over Human Rights Abuse

South Sudan’s wildlife police parading during Martyr’s day commemoration

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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 South Sudan’s wildlife police parading during Martyr’s day commemorationPresident Salva Kiir has over the weekend cautioned South Sudanese armed forces and police over misuse of power by torturing civilians. Cases of rape and police brutality have been rampant in recent months in Juba.

The president made these statements publicly while addressing hundreds of armed forces including the police, citizens, government officials, Diplomatic Corps and representatives from different organizations during the commemoration of South Sudan Martyr’s day at the historic Dr John Garang mausoleum in Juba.

“Having guns in your hands does not give you the privilege to torture civilians,” Kiir said. “The police and army involved in these heinous acts are giving us a very bad image in the international scene.”

Kiir’s message came following a case where a police officer tortured a 20 year old woman in Malakia Police station in Juba, on allegations that she stole 60,000 Sudanese pounds from a business man. The torture sparked demonstrations from Human Rights activists’ to stop increasing violation of human rights in many parts of the new country.

Several cases have been reported since the start of this year by citizens on theft, murder, and torture at night in Juba following a release of nearly 7,000 police forces last year after training in November to provide security ahead of the South Sudan Independence.

Analysts however have accused Kiir’s government of not paying his armed forces well and in time.

In a report released early this year by the United Nations, the South Sudanese police have been accused of abusing human rights related to acts of rape and torture though the government denies.

However, the President has stressed that tough measures should be taken against the perpetrators. “During the liberation there were no SPLA rapists, this thing are happening now and here in Juba,” Kiir said and added that, “If it is not you-SPLA and the police, get these associated criminals out… Am declaring war on all criminals,” he added.

“I also call upon the Ministry of Justice to prosecute those who are behind all these acts. Because justice delayed is justice denied,” reiterated the President.

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