EES Governor Spends Christmas In Katire Mountain

Governor Lobong Lojore (seated left) with other State leaders at Katire Mountain for picnic during Christmas Day [©Gurtong]

Governor Lobong Lojore (seated left) with other State leaders at Katire Mountain for picnic during Christmas Day [©Gurtong]

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor Hon. Louis Lojore spent his Christmas holiday by visiting Mount Katire at the foot of Gilo where South Sudanese flag was hoisted after the independence declaration on July 9th 2011. 
The area around Katire is covered with lots of beautiful forests with trees of different species including mahogany among other natural vegetation.

The Governor was accompanied by a number of his cabinet members; among them was the Wildlife Minister Mr. George Echom Ekeno, the Health Minister Mr.Felix Sam Makuja, Advisor on Social Services, Mr. Patrick Lodinga Kotein and Hon. Samira Louis Lojore the Governor’s wife and the former Kapoeta South County Commissioner, Mr. Marko Lokitoe Lokuuta among others

The one hour drive from Torit to Katire Payam was smooth since the road was renovated by the State Transport and Roads Ministry early this year. 
The trip was sponsored by the Governor with Green Gardens Hotel serving meals for the visiting team. All the officials accompanying the Governor came along with their respective family members, wives and children among other friends. 
Hon. Lobong told the locals who curiously flocked at the celebration venue to seek the reason of the visit, that it was just a holiday picnic at their landscape of Katire community.

He congratulated them on the victory of the independence of South Sudan following their unanimous secession vote. The Governor also assured them that his administration stands with them even at a time of difficulty and happiness. 
According to a Katire inhabitant identified as Mrs. Rose, Hon. Lobong is the first Governor to visit the interior of Katire comparing to the former Governor, Hon. Aloisio Emor Ojetuk who visited the area but he did not reach that far.

She thanked Governor Lobong for the visit that shows togetherness with the people of Katire.

Mrs. Rose also disclosed to Gurtong that even though her Payam is part of Ikotos, it’s not benefiting from Ikotos services totally due to poor road linkage to except through Torit County. 
She revealed to Gurtong that, recently her community presented a request to be an independent County, a move she said if considered would enable the citizens of the area to be able to access services and above all would serve as part of enjoying peace benefits after a long struggle.

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