EES Minister Prioritizes Road Development

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Citing the Juba-Nimule tarmac road, Lokonoi says roads play an excellent role in development in terms of saving time and quick delivery of services. “Travel hours between Nimule and Juba are less than three hours as opposed to about eight hours before the tarmacking of the road,” he said.

“Roads boost the economy. Efficient road infrastructure is what people need. Roads set the record straight; service delivery to the people depends on road networks,” says Lokonoi.

“People need health, education and social services even reach farms, all these need proper roads. Because you want to provide basic services to the people at rural areas, you must have road connections,” he adds.

Without disclosing figures, the minister says his ministry has allocated some funds to undertake road constructions. The Minister cited lack of sufficient funds as a factor hindering completion of the road construction projects in the state.

According to the minister, road status to the counties is terrible coupled with the heavy rains this year.

He however says the World Bank is to begin construction of Conne Juba-Lokichoggio Highway at Nadapal while the African Development Bank pledged to fund the construction of a highway linking South Sudan to Uganda at Tesetenya and Ethiopia at Raad.

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