Over 100 Returnees Arrive In Bor

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“We receive a batch today from North Sudan. It took more than two weeks from Renk to Bor,” South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) Coordinator in Bor County, James Jok and Jok said.

“The team went this morning to see whether there are some conditions which are affecting them in the barge.  In fact, we identified that some of the children will given vaccination,”

The case load in the barge is for the Great Equatoria states and the second one is on the way to Bor town.

“I believe that the people in three state of Equatoria are in preparations to receive their people as we do because whenever we hear the barge coming even though it is not a for Jonglei state, we always see their situation and if there is a need, we intervene,” he said.

According to Jok, it is a normal activity of SSRRC to make sure all the returnees are well received and accommodated to settle. 
Jok said that the barge is well organized unlike the previous barges that ferried over 2000 returnees.

“This batch is well organized barge; the space in it is not like the previous one.  This is now carrying over 147 beneficiaries and the environment in batch is reasonable,” Jok said.   

Jok said the Humanitarians agencies such as International Organization for Migration, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, chiefs and medical teams are informed that the people in the barge are well accommodated.

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