Oil Companies Lay Operation Strategies

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

This came from a closed door meeting of the two oil companies in Juba, the national capital of South Sudan.

Petrodar President Mr. Liu Zhiyong in a statement to the press after the meeting said the sitting was aimed at finding modalities on how the two companies will coordinate their activities.

“We jointly had a historical meeting. This is an ice breaking meeting. Since the shutdown of oil production about ten months ago, this is the first meeting in preparation for resumption of oil production,” Liu said.

“We set up a joint coordination committee which will easily discuss and solve the technical and operational issues in the future. So may be each week, we will have a meeting either in Juba or in Khartoum,” he added.

Dar President Dr. Sun Xian Sheng, without giving an exact time, said oil productions will start soon. 

Last month, the oil companies raised concerns such as inadequate capacity of labours, incomplete agreements on modalities of operation between them (oil companies) and the two governments of Sudan and South Sudan which they said are delaying resumption of oil production.

South Sudan’s Oil Minister Stephen Dhieu last month said it will take three months start producing oil again.

South Sudan early this year shut down her oil production following a misunderstanding with Khartoum over transit fees and use of facilities.

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