Sim Card Registrations Launched

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Gemtel, Vivacel, MTN and Zain were among the mobile operators that were present at the official launch of the registration process that is set to stop at the end of the year.

The minister said that the move is set oust criminals who may use mobile phones to commit crime and is also aimed at knowing the number of customers a particular mobile operator has.

“This is done for the number of customers or users to be known by the mobile operator and the government,” he said.

He added that through registration, criminals who use phones to threaten people or harm can be trapped by their mobiles.

Biar said that registering the sim cards is becoming a worldwide thing and that it is important to cop up with the current development s of the world.

After 31st of December, all those who have not registered their sim cards will be disconnected, the minister stressed.

He urged all citizens to go and have their sim cards registered. The process will continue in the rest of the states across the country.

The requirement for the registration process includes a national identity, passport, Referendum card and other identity cards.

The ministry had explained the move for the registration was reached last year by the National Council of Ministers before the South Sudan’s independence.

However, it has not been implemented as a result of the process separating the networks from Khartoum to independently manage sections in South Sudan.

Registration of the cards is aimed at improving security and regulating unnecessary public utterances by the telephone users in the country.

There have been many complaints raised to the Ministry by mobile owners of receiving death threats, abuses and insults on telephones which is difficult to control unless the cards are registered.

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