National Agricultural Trade Fair Set To Start Next Week

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Set to kick off on 27 November in Nyakuron Cultural Center, under the theme ‘food security is the other side of human security,’ the fair is the second of its kind since the country gained independence.

Agricultural Minister Hon. Betty Achan Ogwaro said the trade fair is meant to “bring South Sudan from the current food insecurity to 100% food security.”

The trade fair is aimed at bringing together agricultural stakeholders such as individual farmers, different farmer groups, farmer unions, cooperatives, local and foreign investors, private agricultural companies and farmers and agribusiness people from the ten states of South Sudan, as well as government agencies, NGOs and international donors to devise means and ways to further realize the huge agricultural potential of South Sudan.

It is also purposely aimed to showcase what South Sudanese farmers have accomplished so far and what their challenges are in order to turn subsistence farming into commercial farming in a bid to create food security for the whole country.

In addition, South Sudan’s products and vast natural resources will be showcased during the expo and national and international entrepreneurs will come together to explore possibilities in agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries.

The participants will display and attend the fair with the goal of facilitating commercial interests in the agricultural sector within South Sudan.

Foreign investors will also learn more about investing in the agribusiness sector in the Country, and will feature new agricultural technologies and services to one of the fastest growing markets in the region, South Sudan.

The event will collide with the annual South Sudan governor’s forum which is aimed at reviewing how cost effective the national and state government policies are enhancing development in the country.

Ogwaro said that the trade fair was scheduled to collide with the forum “so that the governors will have an opportunity to go and see the happenings at the trade fair.”

Experts have said South Sudan agricultural sector could be one of the second largest non-oil revenue sectors in the infant nation in terms of development.

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