Government Reinstates Housing Allowances

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Dr. Marial Awou, the Finance Deputy Minister in a statement to the press said that, government latest findings have indicated that, civil servants especially at low grades face high cost of living prior to the cut down of the allowances as the 50% cut almost robbed all their housing allowances.

“The decision is just made not only looking the grades but looking at the income, the gross salaries these people – civil servants receive. We found out that those workers that are in grade 17 up to 10 I think they are receiving approximately 400/450 South Sudan Pounds and when you take away 50% of the housing allowance, they are left with around 200,” Awou said.

“So we thought and this will in fact remain a principle, whenever you want to reinstate you should start from the bottom. So the next round we may go from may be grade 7 up to 10 or 9. They will be paid their allowances and so on until the last group will be the ministers,” added Awou.

He said payment which will depend on when the Ministry gets money will start from the month of October.

Following shutdown of the South Sudan oil production early this year, the country’s key revenue provider, government endorsed austerity measures it has to operate under in a bid to economize the hardly earned resource from the non-oil revenues.

Cut down of civil servants housing allowances was one of the austerity measures taken into consideration.

The move however, led to row between civil servants and government in some parts of the country that led to deaths as the servants launched demonstration against the move. 

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