Jonglei State Welcomes Water Harvesting Project

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“Some people sometimes call it tribal conflicts but it is a problem of limited resources that people compete for,” said the minister.

He says during dry season, the communities are not secure because people move in search of water as a result of the competition, it creates conflicts.

The minister added that such movement of pastoralists may lead to spread of cattle diseases for those animals that may be infected.

Lul said the river is the source of conflict in the state where people from the far areas move to the river as such they conflict with the communities closure to the river.

He says during dry season some children leave school to move with their families since milk is the only source of food in the state.

The state is estimated to have over 3,000,000 cattle as a result over 400,000 children miss out on school to cater for cattle.

He added that they are trying to get rid of the traditional cattle if they get money and bring new breeds to the state.

The construction of the facility (Hafirs) is set to kick-off in late December or early January next year with a total of four Hafirs in Jonglei focusing at Uror and Nyirol counties.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) is also providing thousands of livelihoods in the two states with appropriate agricultural skills for increase production productivity and incomes using the farmer field schools methodology in Upper Nile and Jonglei State.

The Technical Advisor, Ali said that this will boost agriculture production, productivity and incomes for the youth and women through provision of agro-based production, management and marketing skills especially target beneficiaries will be provided with startup inputs for initiating preferred production activities.

South Sudan imports most of its food from other countries and this is in FAO’s intension to boost food production in the country.

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