Flaherty Promises More Federal Funding to Victoria

The Finance Minister of Canada, Jim Flaherty, announced during his visit to Victoria that his government will not stop the flow of infrastructure cash to Victoria, giving his word to bring more federal dollars to continue a secondary sewage-treatment plant in Victoria.

Flaherty is visiting Victoria to attend a meeting with the businessmen and community leaders on Friday, as the first meeting of a series of meetings across the country before the 2013 budget. Before even beginning any formal discussions at the Inn at Laurel Point on Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Flaherty mentioned that his government’s main concern is to rectify the fragile global economy and help remaining jobs, growth and long-term prosperity. He added that “our government will not engage in dangerous and new risky spending schemes.” Flaherty also explained that “we will not engage in endless spending to increase deficits, and we will not increase the tax burden for Canadians.”

Flaherty was explicitly inquired about the effect of new upcoming limitations on the budget would dispossess Victoria of further funds on the region’s $783-million the federal government project of secondary sewage plant, on which $253.4 million have already been spent. Flaherty confirmed that municipalities will still continue to see infrastructure funding. He confirmed that “we do intend to have a continuing infrastructure program for our municipalities focusing on economic infrastructure – that is infrastructure that produces jobs and growth.” Flaherty said affirmatively that “that will continue.” Furthermore, he added that “in the meantime, we have made the gas-tax transfer [to municipalities] permanent. Together with the GST rebate back to municipalities, that totals $3 billion a year.”

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