Five Killed, 1 Seriously Injured As Sudan Attacks Kiir-Adem

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

According to the Northern Bahr el Ghazal government spokesman, Hon. Bona Makuach Mawien, the action which he termed as joint attack both on ground and on air was believed to have been carried out by Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) targeting civilians.

“The incident that happened at Kiir-Adem was an attack from SAF both on ground and on air jointly but their ground troops were repulsed back. While SAF were bombarding our civilians, they mistakenly bombarded their own soldiers and there were heavy casualties of losses from their side,” Makuach said.

Meanwhile Makuach underscored that their troops were aware of these preparations from SAF to attack Kiir-adem at any time especially during Christmas where they thought that every soldier would be on leave with parents enjoying Christmas and civilian may remain unprotected.

He appealed to the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), good Samaritans and a government to join hands in delivering basic need services such as food and shelter to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who fled their homes in fear of more attacks.

Makuach also mentioned that Khartoum never ceased of aggressing South Sudan despites several other agreements especially the resolution from United Nations Security Council Number 2046 which asked both countries to stop aggressing and violating each country’s territorial sovereignty.

Achol Deng who is now under critical condition at Aweil Civil Hospital and who lost his family members during the attacks said they were surprised when they saw ground attack and later an aerial attack.

“I lost my family during these attacks; my son who is a student, two daughters and my step son were all lost during the attacks. I am also missing my breast feeding child and my two other daughters are also missing,” Achol narrated the incident to journalists while on bed at Aweil Civil Hospital.

In his remarks, the Director for Hospital Dr. Garang Thomas Dhel said that the patient is seriously injured but they are trying their best to restore health.

“We received a patient yesterday late evening from Gok Machar and all first aids were done. It was a deep injury on her back near her scapular but we managed to stitch the wounds,” Dhel said.

He also said that the hospital has been receiving the same cases of the same incidents from Kiir-Adem for almost six consecutive months now.

“It is good that we are receiving only patient now but we used to receive more causalities when it is a mass aerial bombardment which sometimes goes up to a hundred and imagine we are front line hospital, so we need to be equipped with all equipments necessary in order to respond to these emergencies at any time any day,” he added.

He also revealed that the hospital lacks expertise surgeons who deal with surgical emergencies especially when there are serious surgical needs hence sometimes refer such cases to Gongrial where there is an expertise surgeon.

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