Eastern Equatoria Citizens Congratulated For Peaceful Celebrations

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

“I am proud to announce that this year’s celebrations in Eastern Equatoria State have been peaceful throughout right from 24 December 2012 up to now. With exception of alcoholic death cases in Torit town, only two people unfortunately died. Outside that everything was so peaceful in the entire state,” he said.

Surur congratulated the citizens for peacefully marking the celebrations all through without any violence or bloodshed in comparison to previous years.

He said the people celebrated peacefully in their own ways encouraged the citizens to maintain the same peace.

“Peace does not belong to either government or police who are in uniforms or particular tribe but every South Sudanese citizen,” he said.

He noted that the prayers went on smoothly and concluded peacefully and wants the same to replicate during the New Year celebrations.

Surur has attributed the achievement to healthier collaboration between the general public and the law enforcement officers including the tactical deployment of all organized forces including the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLA) at strategic insecurity potential places.

He urged the forces to stay alert and combat crimes and remain at their points so to protect life and properties.

Surur urged the residents to assist the forces by providing information on any possible crimes so that the forces could respond on time.

The State Transport and Roads Minister, Charles Lokonoi Ambrose had last week cautioned road users to drive safely during the festive period.

He said road accidents are common during this hectic season of celebrations adding that these celebration moments are characteristically awful for mishaps to happen anytime.

The leader delivered the safety message for road users and targeting the youth who during the Christmas celebrations are usually fond of hasty driving under influence of alcohol.

The leaders have urged the traffic police to keenly guide the population and catch those in the influence in order to avoid accidents and noted that when road safety procedures and laws are neglected, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are all at risk as no one is exceptional.

Leaders have observed that motorcycle accidents are a widespread and there is a need to minimize.

The transport minister is advocating for road users to adopt the slogan ‘Protect the Peace, Share the Road’ to establish workable public policies for safety, observance of traffic rules, and public conformity with the law.

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