Unity State Land Disputes To Be Settled By 2014: Minister

The Unity State Physical Infrastructure, Urban Development and Natural Resources Minister Mr. Abraham Dak Tuoroal said that his ministry is facing a lot of challenges from the community. [Gurtong | File]

Dak said that his ministry is facing a lot of challenges as the community is not cooperating with ministry officials on issues related to land.

“Many land owners are holding their plot numbers without registering it in the main ministry files and if that land is given to another people because there is no person registered in that number, it gives us a lot of problems,” he said.

Dak stressed that those who did not registered their names must act fast to register so that the ministry will be able to know the exact land owner.

He also said that ministry staff are being harassed by the community who claimed to occupy large pieces of land while the rest are homeless.

“Some people go directly to the court without consulting the ministry concern to find out why his or her plot was given to another person…..there are many minor cases that we can solve without going to court,” Dak added.

He urged those who have land problems to visit the ministry before quarrelling with those they have land conflicts with.

Land in Unity State is expensive and is mainly occupied by those who are able to pay the fees but it is hard for the ordinary citizens who have no job to afford. 

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