Pigi Lacks Trained Health And Education Personnel: Speaker

Jonglei State Speaker Peter Chol Wal urged the Education Ministry to improve the standards by recruiting more qualified teachers. [Gurtong | File]

Wal said that they are not blaming the government for the situation in Pigi County because services cannot be delivered where there is no peace.

Chol was said that in 2009 they signed an agreement but the war lead by George Athor erupted again and caused destruction in which all the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in the area pulled out of the area.

He said that recently the state governor instructed some NGOs to help in the construction of the county headquarters.

The State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure has sent a team to the area to survey the town for better planning as they start the developments.

“After the surrender of Athor forces there is peace in the area and sign of development has started,” Wal said.

There is one clinic in Pigi headquarters and other one in Atar but they lack trained personnel and medical doctors.

“I think there is one clinic in Pigi headquarters and maybe there is another one in Atar and they are lacking trained personnel, medical doctors and nurses, even if they have drugs who is going to direct them about those drugs,” Wal said.

He said the most important thing in the health is specialization and having trained doctors because trained personnel can work under any condition but having houses without personnel will not deliver the required service.

He said that they are expecting improvements because of peace initiatives.

“I think that if there was no war or conflict between the people in Pigi we would have had good development because we are bordering many counties, on the two rivers of Nile and Sobath River and also near to Malakal,” he said.

The speaker said that the county has potential to develop because it is accessible by land and water.

“Even if land transport is not accessible during the rainy season one can move through river boats during rainy season,” he said.

He said most of the teachers working in the county are not qualified and wre recruited unfairly.

“During the recruitment of the teachers in 2005 to 2006 it happened that those who were recruiting their relatives not based on qualification of the people and in some areas like health and education you cannot recruit uneducated people,” he said.

“What happened people where just recruited to receive money during that time so the recruitment of teachers was not done administratively and that is why I said that the education in Pigi County is weak,” he added.

There are three secondary schools in Pigi County with Atar Secondary being a national school.

The speaker urged the Education Ministry to improve the education standards by recruiting more qualified teachers. 

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